Something's Gotta Give...

   I am writing with very little energy this morning because, I am tired. Married for 26 years to a wonderful husband. He loves me and our children very much. He is a workaholic. He never misses a day of work. Sick or Not. He always reports. He worked his way earning his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology while working full-time. However despite his meek charachter and loving disposition, he has had to bear a badge that has repeatedly beat him down on every turn over this past year. Not sure how to name it any more since the last disaster. We had just moved to a new city because our oldest daughter had been accepted into a prestigious university. She was a year younger than her classmates and since we are an extremely close knit family, we all agreed, the move was necessary. We figured we'd wait until my husband could get a transfer to the area so that we could relocate. No such luck. We drop off our daughter, he is scheduled to fly back home while I stay with her for the first week. He gets to the airport and finds that his ticket has been re-sold by an unsavory broker. We didn't have the money to buy another ticket at the price they wanted that day. So we all head back home. We arrive and he returns to work only to find that they weren't that understanding after all. he gets fired.
    Ok so we now have no income, and need to move.We take what little we have left and move out to the city where our daughter is. We have a friend who tells us that we can stay with them until he gets a job. We arrive and they leave us in the home to take care of their childrten for two weeks because the mother is ill. "No problem", I think. We have been sent by God to be a blessing. Nope. After she gets out, they have a friend delivering them some kind of goods from another country. It's all a secret to us. and we are told, we must vacate immediately.We are now homeless. We get help from the state. A first for our family. He gets a job as a security guard. He is told to report all tasks to the district each night. He does. However, his immediate boss had other ideas about his reporting. He wasn't suppose to report "everything". My husband is a man of integrity. He worked the next shift then gets fired. They tell him because he has a difference of opinion with the Supervisor. He gets hired again in a job that is comparable to the salary we are accustomed to. He is in that position for three months. He gets fired again. They are really after his trainer but the only way to validate their attacks against him, they must terminate my husband and say he was not properly trained. Although my husband's sales and store were number one for the region for all three months.We later learn that they were just making room for a relative. My husband was the only African American in those positions. All were management except for the securty. Is this the badge he must bare? So now here it is, he and I both are looking for work. I haven't worked in the field for many years because I homeschool my children. We need a miracle right now. We need someone to put on their colorblind glasses and hire my husband.
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51-55, F
May 8, 2012