My Life

Hi my name is Tiffany Marie Galbraith I was born april 15,1999 the day I was born I went right in 2 my grandma's arms from there on her my aunty and grandpa had me after my dad died on my second birthday cuzz my mom was on drugs n other I got 3 brothers 1 one sister me n my sis n 2 of my bros got same dd my other me n got same mom I always get talked bout n stuff my youngest bro almost died wen he was a baby right now I m n pain my gradma n the hospital n richmond my grandpa not doing good I m n tha middle but I like to sing I write my own songz n raps 1 time a day dreamed that its my fault my dad died or that somebody gone kill me or I m gone jill myself n there is more 2 my life but I dn't feel like posting n I m a girl 13 years old
ulive1time ulive1time
May 12, 2012