My Baby

My name is laurren
I am 23 I meet my partner Went I was 18
at the age of 21 me and my partner wanted a baby after 2 year of trying I still wasn't pregnant
I then went to 4 diffrent doctors I Got told to fall pregnant I would have to go on Clomid (a tablet to make your hormones increase) After 6 months of being onclomid I still wasn't pregnant me and My partner got to the point were one more negative pregnancy test and We would stop trying for awhile.
I went to the doctor later that week
"I think I'm coming down with a cold " I said to the doctor he told me That he had some news after he did 2 pregnancy test I walked out to my mother who was in the waiting room my eyes full of tears
The Look on her. Face I never wanna see that look on my mother face again I looked at her took a big breath in And told her that for the first time she was gonna to be a grandmother hunter was then born on the 6/1/2012 at 11:02 am a healthy little baby boy
Mother2012 Mother2012
22-25, F
May 15, 2012