A Freind Who Abused Me For Yearsi

I met this woman when i was about 38, at the time i was insecure and would do almost anything to have a freind, she knew that.She would send me to pick up items she needed from a store and have me deliver them to her home, she rarely reimbursewd me for the money i spent. Later she became a grandmother and i got close to the children . showerd them with gifts even later on payed one of the children's car insurance.
At the time she was investing for her retirement and many times cut herself short on funds for everyday things, she always came to me for money to fill that void. Many times she borowed money from me to invest.I took money from my own investments and and gave it to her to invest. She always took a long time to return the mone and never gave back the interest i lost.She even borowed a sizable amount from my son who was earning less than half the wages she was.She told him she would pay him back in a month, but more than a year went by and she hadn't paid him anything, when he asked for it she paid but got really angry and reminded me for months about how that set her back.
tippifunsweetlinda tippifunsweetlinda
Dec 10, 2012