My Messed Up Life

When I was a kid I thought your dad yelling at you and giving you scars was normal and every Dad was like that. He spent all day on the TV or computer playing video games when my mom had to leave in the day we would beg her not to. When she was not around he never moved for anything. I learned how to cook at the age of 3. I was the youngest of 6 kids and was forgotten a lot. When I grew up I was always stuck with the boys. I grew up and learned from my dad it's not right to cry show fear or show fear. I grew up a rough and tough tomboy. Everyone at school knew it, but I was a nice person still and I loved to make people laugh! I have anger issues and don't show my emotions like other people. My parents divorced when I was 8. I go over to my dads every weds. and every other weekend. My older brother doesn't make it any easier on me. He's always bulling me and making fun of me. I am only 13. And that is my story.
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Jan 11, 2013