I Don't Care What I Say To People About The Scum In My Life

I don't care what people like my relatives have to say about what I write about on here about them

they have looked for it ... they are the ar se ho les and I don't care who knows it

I just want to express every bit of anger I feel about the rudeness of people I have had to tolerate all my life

they say good manners is the test of tolerating bad manners

I can say they are right.

the amount of times I tolerated rudeness and bad behavior from people ... to be honest its broken me as a person

I was never allowed to be so rude.   and I was never allowed to really express an emotion at all.

to everyone I had no emotions ... I had no worries... I just sat and was forced to listen to other family members worries all the time

Sue guts aching in my ear about looking after her mother.... Elizabeth guts aching about her drunk caravan show

Louise guts aching about her break up and their bloody cancer

Rose mary guts aching about david or cooky

john guts aching about simon or karens mother

karen and roslyn guts aching about ron

Joyce guts aching about her husband and money

Rick guts aching about australia and america

Bunnypoeta guts aching about wanting freedom

Irene and Brigette guts aching about death

katy robinson guts aching about everything

all these people guts aching guts aching and guts aching their guts- uggg faces out!!!!

they never cared or asked how I felt

so why should I care about what I say on here....

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 23, 2012