What worries me the most in this insignificant documentation of my life. Is the worry that I won't go anywhere. I won't do things. I won't make a difference. I hate expectations. When we are young we grow up with all of these expectations about what we should do, what we should be, what success is.

It screws us over for major depression.
Sure we all have our own Ideas of what success implies but what happens when we can't obtain it?

what happens when the people that make this world function. Which is all of us, don't match up to our definition of success? Just becoming another peg of the wheel of society. A worker at Mcdonalds, A Nurse, A librarian, A ball cleaner at a bowling alley, A waitress, construction, dentist, hairstylist. So many of us are sadly here. Leaving out dreams of becoming our definition of success behind and adopting the stereotypical role of what a family structure is in our country.

Pushing back the dreams in our eyes until they become dull. We continue to go into our roles as a worker. Thinking to ourselves.

I will leave my mark. I will pass down important information to my family. To my children. If I myself can't make a significant contribution to the world. A change of evolutionary importance. Surely, my family can.


I will travel to a different country, I will do things and see things that make this working grind worth it.


To my observation, to my great dismay. So many people don't do any of what they actually dreamed and hoped to do. So many.
and everyday, it tears me up inside just a little more.

Only a small percentage of us will do anything that we've always wanted to do.

I don't mean small and obtainable dreams like going out to eat or buying clothes.
I mean DREAMS.

Like biking across Paris.

Going to the moon.

Sailing across Alaska.

so many damn dreams.

I am lost. Yet again.
My mind keeps waking up to reality.

I'm just another spoke of the wheel.
Another worker bee.
desperately trying to escape the hive
but, if to many of us escape.

The colony will collapse.
Sometimesilence Sometimesilence
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Beautifully put, painfully true.