I Do Not Like To See Hoddies.

Every time I see a youth with a hoodie out shopping the alarm bells sound in my ears.I ask myself why on a hot summers day would you enter a store with a hoodie covering half of your head.
Here in the UK many shops and stores have barred persons entering when wearing such items.It is no small wonder with the amount of pilfering that is taking place.There is NO reason why anyone should wear a hoodie over their head when in a shop and all it does is attract attention from the shop staff.
I must make it clear in no way am I intimating that every youth who does this is up to no good,however it does give the wrong impression and when there are a gang of them it can make many people feel uncomfortable in their surrounding area.
Drop the hoodies,I should start a campaign Ibet if I or someone else did so in a determined fashion then we would see a drastic reduction in shoplifting offences.
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Why do you react this way? And what are you hiding exactly? When I put my hood up, it's because I'm cold and stores these days seem to be freezing all the time.

Dreamingmylifeaway,you did the honest thing,I would have reacted in exactly the same manner as yourself had I saw such a thing.....well done.<br />
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Legalities,yes I concur with what you have written,thank you.

Dreamingmylifeaway,you did the honest thing,I would have reacted in exactly the same manner as yourself had I saw such a thing.....well done.

We were taught growing up that you will be treated, and judged, by the way you act, dress, and speak. So, if you choose to dress the part of a hoodlum than you shouldn't be surprised when someone decides to treat you as such. Don't get me wrong. Try to differentiate between folks who can make that choice of dress ba<x>sed on their financial circumstances. But, I remember a day when it didn't matter how difficult one's situation was. Folks simply did not dress like they were up to trouble unless they were.

There are signs in al lot of the convenience stores over here, too, which have signs in the door saying to remove hoods,I don't really get it. I understand why the shopkeepers might be a little nervous; are they hiding their faces from the security cameras? But, I think that they should be more concerned with people who are wearing great coats. I have seen someone with a coat like that and he had huge pockets sewn into the inside of his coat and was in a grocery store. He wasn't shop lifting small things that he could slip into a jacket pocket. he was slipping roasts and steaks and whole salmon and chickens into those pockets. I am a rat. I went to an employee and pointed him out and the employee got the manager. They kept an eye on him and nabbed him when he left the store. He had actually done some legitimate shopping for which he paid, I guess so he wouldn't look suspicious after having been in the store for a good while. Bread, milk, a few other items. But he had hundreds of dollars of meat in his coat. I don't know how he was able to walk with all that extra weight he was carrying. He must have practiced with rocks in his pockets. He was written up in the papers the next day as the man with the coat of many pockets. Yes, I ratted him out, but you know that all that food he was stealing was going to be paid for in the long run. By me and others who don't steal. The prices go up more the more the shop owners lose to theft. They pass it on to the honest customers. I resented him stealing from my pocket. Taking food out of the mouths of my family. So I am a rat, and not ashamed of it.

it could just be a style. i wear hoodies when its hot out, not cause of the style, they are just comfy and I dont shop lift. If they are up to no good then they are up to go good, you saw them and im sure a few other people saw them, so if they do something wrong they will probably get caught. As long as they arent robbing you, dont worry about it.