i love someone else...n i m getting engaged to sumone else...! :(
fatammi fatammi
3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

well... i am from a south asian family...and for us family pride and status comes before everythng else... for girls...its compulsory to get married between 20-25 or else people start pointing fingers... n i hav tried talkin to my parents...n they wont listen...i want to run away from my house... but i cant even do that... :(

Why are you getting married to someone you don't love... at least not that much? You're very young & don't have to get married at all.... to anyone right now. Why don't you just take your time & get to know yourself better & put marriage on hold for a while? It will only end in divorce if it starts off like this & what's the point of marriage if it's going to end in divorce?

I too am in love with someone else, but I am married. The other girl doesn't know that I love her the way I is tough!!!