It's hard to say how I came across this ability, but it seems like I just started noticing something different while monitoring my psychology (I practice my own psychology on myself, not clinically proven to cure or fix or help anyone). Basically, I noticed whenever someone was really angry in the chatroom, I started to get angry. Whenever someone was depressed, I'd find them or target them somehow or some way (almost magnetic) in a sea or crowd of 50 or 100 chatters in a chatroom (usually to offer aid).

When my Mom bursted out into tears once because she had injured herself, I started tearing up and getting upset and nothing had happened to me, but in all honesty, it felt like my entire body was pained and ached as if one would have the flu.

Whenever I read someone's soulful deepest expressed essence of themself and how they feel about what they are sharing, I start to channel it or I suddenly get a bad mood when I was absolutely fine. When I used to hang out with one of my online buddies, he'd get depressed and I'd follow suit. I suppose it somewhat fits the ole "misery loves company."

I don't like channeling emotions so strongly. When reading the story on "I Despise You" I started feeling as if my heart was being ripped and shredded, like I could kill without mercy and it would taste oh so sweet. Revenge. Betrayl. HOW DARE SHE...--

In that instance of channeling these emotions, I wanted nothing more than to curse that person with absolute force and I really do mean a real geniune authenticated curse. The real deal.

The whole story has nothing to do with me at all, but I could feel it to the bones of my feet. I also found that I can't feel anything against the husband because the wife of said husband said she had no ill will against him and she meant it. I can feel that and while my normal feelings are, "That rat bastard!" It's not coming up strongly.

Anyone else have this ability? Care to share your experiences with the ability of true psychic-empathy?

Disclaimer: I cannot predict the future, read minds or levitate objects. I can tell you when an earthquake is coming, when a storm is brewing, when something bad is about to happen, but not when nor where nor why nor how. I can (when I wasn't rusty) describe (if you're honest) what you look like as far as hair color, eye color, your clothes and perhaps even your location.

I don't rely on my abilities other than if I'm walking past a certain part of land or a house or a building or a person, I will know if they intend to do anyone harm or not. I will feel it and react to it without even knowing I'm doing it.

I don't believe this ability is human-based or makes anyone better than anybody else. I believe it was a former asset for us or perhaps a gift, but I also believe that every human has it, but I don't nescessarily believe everyone's ability is turned on, so to speak. Some people are completely dorment. Some aren't. I believe it's similar to being tone deaf, if you can make any sense of that.



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that sounds alot like me..i have been trying to figure out the extent of my abilities for some time and basically i have vivid metaphoric dreams that come true sometimes and also have the ability to feel others even when i do not want too and i also attract both the good and the bad i have channeled twice in my life nothing i can control but reiki has been helping me to stay at peace

I don't rely on my abilities other than if I'm walking past a certain part of land or a house or a building or a person, I will know if they intend to do anyone harm or not. I will feel it and react to it without even knowing I'm doing it.

^ I related to this very strongly. But my other gift is that I can at most times tune people's energies out. I think this is some sort of protective mechanism done by my subconscious. I am very sensitive to people's energies and can almost immediately assess their intentions good or bad!

It's like when you meet someone for the first time. I believe that you have this uneasy feeling like what happens to me. It means that this person has a heavy burden weighing on their conscience. That even though they may not have bad intentions at the moment they have a guilty conscience about something. Whether they are at fault or not I pick up on their feelings/thoughts/intentions.

WOW I just noticed this post is from almost 5 years ago! lol

yeah it makes sense (the tone deaf thing) <br />
a lot of sense. i wish the whole world would wake up <br />
then we'd have more people to play with and there would be so much less pain and suffering inflicted by human kind :D<br />
nice post ! :j

good to see theres other good people in the world, i feel ya, everytime i see someone less fortunate than everyone else like people born a way that they cant help, i know theres going to be someone around that will make fun of them or take the **** out of them, and it makes me soo angry everytime i see someone vulnable. i also have this strong urge to help people who need it like give people money who need money for example, i sometimes wish i was a millionaire so i can give my money away to the people who need it just so they can expierence happiness, i like to make people happy even if it means not being happy myself.

You sound just like me... Do ever feel overwhelmed and angry in super stores like Wal-Mart? I can't hardly go in a wal-mart ..I feel like I want to just flee and run out of that store every time. I struggle with crowds of people too. I seem to be able to predict death... I don't know why..but I always do... it is a bit like tuning into a radio... I am this way but I don't know if I am suppose to be doing something with it.... Anyway you sound just like me.. I wonder how many of us are out there...

I think it is like radio frequencies. One has to be on the right wavelength.