Sharing Can Be Healing

I know that all are empathic but over time the ability can fade if not utilized. My empathic skills were especially enhanced as a child in order to survive. Having suffered all imaginable abuses by different sources throughout childhood, it became a warning devise for my safety. My mother being severely mentally ill with dozens of diagnosis, she could fly into rages instantly, which I learned to feel in time before the storm hit. She was married seven times to abusive men who harmed me in many ways, but my gift helped me to escape too many times to list. My father was a violent drunk who like to beat us and I always knew when to run.  I have healed from my traumas and am a much stronger and loving person because and despite these experiences. My gift has grown and changed along the way to adulthood. I have not yet learned how to fully utilize it for the greater good, but am on the journey. Many call it a curse, which I understand and pain endured around me is felt to my core, but the gift it presents rates much higher in my mind. I have learned to shield myself to a certain extent,much easier with strangers than those closest to me. Although I avoid those with major injuries because I feel the affects personally where ever inflicted. I hope to better understand my empathic skills on a higher level to better serve others. I am always looking for new techniques to help bring clarity and healing and look forward to discussing topics with other empaths.

SGreenwell SGreenwell
2 Responses Aug 26, 2008

Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. I relate to your experiences too well. It's amazing how you are a better through it all. *Hugs*

Amazing to see a wonderful person rise out of this drama.