Is It A Bad Thing?

Each time I go to my friends' houses, I tend to gravitate towards the kitchen.

When I get there, if there is any unwashed dishes, my hand will slowly snake its way to the sponge and start washing the dirty dishes.

I just love doing it. It's soothing. The smell of dishwashing liquid, the soft bubbles, warm water - hypnotic. Sometimes, it is hard to stop. My hands will quickly find other things to add to the sink to be washed.

Watching the glasses glisten, cutlery all shiny, cups and plates squeaking with cleanliness gives me the greatest satisfaction. Then drying and putting the washed items into little piles - all sorted out (if I don't know where they go.) It really makes my heart light and happy. 

Sometimes, my friends tend to fuss about how I am not supposed to do dishes when I am at their house. How do I explain to them that it is not really a chore, in fact, it is truly a pleasure getting things all sorted out?  

When under a lot of stress, I put on my gloves and start scrubbing, changing drawer and cabinet liners, decluttering and re-organising the contents in any available storage space. My head feels so much clearer then.

Just don't make me do the laundry... :(  I hate ironing and thank God every day for the launderer/dry cleaners in the neighbourhood.



msdreamalot msdreamalot
36-40, F
Mar 16, 2010