Difficulty Has Only Caused My Spirituality To Grow.

It has been eight years since I began practicing Wicca and to be blunt, those years were hell. I grew up with a family who you wouldn't necessarily call supportive.  From burning my books, to destroying all evidence of what they believed symbolized my "devil-whorship"(yes that is intended), and forcing me into a "healing" in front of a church filled with people, it has been a difficult journey to say the least.  I could not find salvation in covens, because the only one within a decent distance was in hiding from not only the people, but also the law enforcement.  So I practiced in secret for those eight years, but not once did I lie.  If someone were to ask, I proudly told them of my beliefs, including my family, yet I did not bring it up nor was I offensive in any way.  I even tried, and still do, to not be so furious with christians in general, which is hard to do when they spit on your feet whenever you try to hangout in public. But during those years, everytime the situations became too bad for me to handle with a strong front, Diana sent me signs of hope.  They eventually became so obvious my family began to shriek and demand that I stop my witchcraft.  It was these signs that pulled me through this time in my life to a point of peace and I do not believe that my spirituality would be as perfect as it is now without going through this intolerance.  Wicca is the backbone of my life, as it should be, and I now realize that I was meant to live this life.  I soon will be training to become a priestess and I wish to start my own coven.  One day, I will go back to my childhood's keeper and plant the seeds for more groups there.  I never thought I would know actual happiness, but now I know bliss, and it is a wonderful thing.

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I am glad that you are so frank. Many fellow Wiccans try to beat around the bush by saying people can be "not understanding" but "your faith will hold". The truth is that being Wiccan is hell sometimes (the funny thing though is that Wiccans don't believe in hell). However, it's worth it.

Well I thank you for that. I find myself rambing more often than not though

Do you question the validity of the faith in general, or just mine?<br />
(please know that I am simply conversing with you, and I am not one to be offended, seeing as I do not believe that you intend to do so)

I do hold faith, but I am somewhat orthodox in my beliefs. So, when I see someone adhering to more liberal beliefs, I question their sincerity.<br />
<br />
To me, it doesn't make sense, so I question its validity on that premise, not one of devaluing faith.

Yes, often, but not always. Humans also find themselves within their faith and truly relish in it. This is the point of all religions. <br />
and yes, I will admit to my anger, and I have honestly questioned your point myself, but then again I have found that there are far too many "coincidences" and also it is something I know with my whole being. If you hold any true faith then you would understand and recognize this feeling.

Humans often embrace what they are refused out of spite.