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Why are pyramids built is it for the Eygptian gods or for the pharaohs either one I was always interested in these things I hope u know the answers cause I really want to no why thanks for reading comment
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Not build for either one.
What do you see on burial grounds? All sorts of religios symbols such as crosses... Pyramid has not got a single carving in or on it!
Build for gods? Yes, for us, the human race! Im not saying an individual is God. But we ARE shaped in hes vision, therefor, all 'a part of the whole' we call God.
It was without a doubt a functional part of a society.
I see, somebody mentioned Christoffer Dunn's book. I bought this same book of amazon (the giza powerplant) and am 100% convinced he is as close to the truth as anybody will ever get. He makes a great point at the beginning: you dont call a farmer to repair your car. You dont get a doctor to design architecture. Well, you dont send a historian or a religious belief(ver) to a 'pile of stones in the shape of a building. Thats where Dunn is spot on. He is an industrial engineer!
And he studied the whole structure with hes engineering trained eye.
Everything he points out, left STILL VISIBLE proof behind.
Ex: bottom room had 2 chemicals in it, combined forming hydrogen...
Well the walls are STILL covered with all 3 substances.
Whats not in the book and not well known: the underground is filled with aquafers, well known by todays science that this Generates Electricity. (Powerplant?) They were dug out. Not just a natural 'happened to be there' thing.
For the even more intrested: go over Nikolas Tesla, and hes Wardenclyffe tower. He build the exact same energy on the very same principle as the pyramid was putting out, but hes design looked different yet DID function only 100 years ago!
I LOVE Dunn's theory and stand behind what he wrote as The Most likely explanation.

in one of my past lives i was an Egyptian HighPriest ... i havent been able to find out where but i just know it was along the Nile somewhere... but what i remember and beleive is that we uilt them for burials for powerful people.... they also had spiritual meaning and they held great power, and still do

There astronomical positioning is interesting too. I do not accept any of the stgories about how they were actually built; none of them make any logistical sense. I suspect the truth is actually hidden from us purposely.

Their purpose was not architectural but religious; the Pyramids of Egypt were tombs, lineally descended from the most primitive of burial mounds.<br />
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There is a lot of information on the web about this. here is a link I think you might give you a few of the answers you are looking for. It is a pretty straight forward and well written article. There are several hundred thousand hits on this, topic, but I liked this one for its simplicity and clear cut explanations. <br />
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<br />
http:/ /www.love-egypt.com/pyramids-of-egypt.html

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