Hinduism Is All About Making Better Human Being In All Respects...

Hinduism is all about making a better human being in all respects..

1. Meditation : all about making one stronger mentally. About making one cool and calm..

2. Prayers: is all about setting up the day on positive mind frame and a belief to start a day with fresh and strong self belief

3. Yoga: brings best of the physical and human body..

4. Pranayam: breathing is very key. Its the life and liveness of human being.. Practicing Pranayam is mastering the breathing which will be like meditation, control over breathing which brings stability of thinking, anxiety and everything human feels in all situation...

5. Blessings: its like showing love from elders to make one feel secured and peace and gives feelings support all our life on any situation..

There are many aspects of the Hinduism... Its way above all religion... Its not about spreading or making it big, its all about individual to feel great...
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Dec 16, 2012