Hinduism School Project

Hey guys! I'm doing a school project on Hinduism in the modern world and would like to get some insight into your religion. Please comment a summary of the Hindu views on:

That's a few of the topics we'd like to raise, but feel free to comment about anything extra we may have missed.

Thank you!
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1 Response Jun 28, 2013

There is not exactly one specific Hindu view on any subject because Hinduism encompasses a diverse body of philosophy and spirituality. Generally speaking, however, at their core is the knowledge that everything that exists is God (Brahman). Given that knowledge, all life is sacred whether it is man, animal, or even plant, because at their core they are all manifestations of God. It would also then follow that this being the case, we are all one with everyone, and everything, else and should look upon everyone and everything as essentially one with us and essentially divine.

Within Hinduism there is also universal belief in the laws of karma. Each of us is where we are right now because of karma and everything that happens to us is do to karma. Sometimes things happen that seem very unfair and without reason, but in reality nothing happens that is truly unfair or not meant to be. Sometimes the causes are simply hidden from the view of the vast majority of us because they are results of karma from past lives. It is very important that we accept all karma with indifference never try to escape it or lessen it (this is not possible anyway, eventually it must all play out and very likely in trying to avoid it we are building up even more 'bad' karma).

Given all of this, we must accept all that comes our way...whether it is an unexpected pregnancy or end of life situation that is not what we would have hoped, and recognize it for what it is, an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to work out past karma. We must always hold all life sacred in recognition of the divinity that it shares with us. This, I believe is also the essence of worship.

This is, of course, all very simplified, I realize, but I hope you found it helpful to some degree. Om shanti.