How Could I Not

I am a lover of words. stories and songs.
I have used them over the years to sooth my battered soul and help me through the rough times. it is in part why i came to EP. to write, to put down the emotions that filled my head and heart every day.
I have met wonderful people here. some whos words are elloquent and colored like the raindbow. And some who's love of song have shared with me music i never knew before.
But there is one.. this man who found his way in to my world, my head, my heart. Not with song or fancy word. But by the trueness of his actions. What began as a flirtation, changed. And in time i have come to realize that he is mine. There is a bond there that distance can not weaken. That tantrums and jealousy can not tarnish. something there that makes him a better man, and me better woman.
 this is for him...

Light, soft and shimmering cast down upon his skin
The tips of her fingeres tracing the curve of his chest
What sparked there was greater than fire
For he lit the path to her soul
With baited breath she leaned into him
His flesh hard yet soft beneth her tiny hand
Lips longed to touch and yet held at bay
this moment was one to be savored
She trembled and he wondered if it were him or the chill of the night
But she could not of told you if there were a breeze or not
she was lost in him, the essence of him
His breath upon her neck weakend her
And her knees began to give way
Grasp in the strength of his arms he held her close
the pounding of two hearts
finding a rhythem as one
with his hand in her hair, and one planted firmly around her waist
He took his prize
Lips upon lips
soft and tenative, tasting the fruited reward of his patience
she tasted of cherries and chocolate
She smelled of roses and lavendar
intoxicating as the softness of her skin in his hands
this was no game, no toy to be used and cast aside when bored
This was a woman, flesh and blood, heart and bone
And she was his
To have, to keep, to treasure, to love and to show to the world
for she would always bring him honor and praise and pride
Her beauty not just of the flesh but of the heart.
And she was HIS
lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I will never take the gift of your heart lightly or for granted. I will cherish it as I do every moment I am given with you. Thank you for your love and devotion.

Your loving Master,Lover and friend