I am so glad that there are other people out there that go through this.  See I am 1/2 Mexican, and 1/2 Irish.  And I look Irish.  So when I tell people that I am 1/2 Mexican, they are like, "So you speak Spanish?  That's so cool."  And then I am like no...  And then they want to know why I don't.  What they don't understand is that I did not grow up speaking Spanish.  So how would I know it, unless I took classes.  I only know the bad words and odds and ends, but I do not speak it fluently.  I don't know, it seems weird, but people asking me kinda gets on my nerves!

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i am mexican too and i never learned spanish and where i work like 75percent of the employees and customers only speak spanish and people get mad when i don't understand them so it is frustrating because i don't live in mexico i live in america! hahaa. i have been told "why don't u speak spanish!? aren't u mexican??" or "u should know spanish!" and so many more so don't feel bad :)

Hispanic and European here. I did not learn Spanish in my early years because I did not live around Hispanics. When I came back to live in New York when I started high school is when I started learning some Spanish. I personally look at people like us as being evolved from our cultural backgrounds. We are the next generation in our culture which is what evolution and growing is all about.<br />
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What a wonderful thing to be different. Embrace it.