Lost Love

i dated my ex for a year before he went to prison for 7 years. I decided to still be with him during his prison term. I ended up telling him it was over between us after the 3rd year of his term. Then 4 years later he gets out and i see him a month later after he is out and he tells me that his new girlfriend is pregnant. I then stop talking to him and let him do his thing. But a year later he bumps into my best friend and asks my bf about me and gives her hisnumber to give to me and tells her to tell me that he said what's up. anyway,we see each other again and we go out to dinner after that we havve sex  and he tells  me that he loves me. Well, i then get my hopes up and think that there is still hope on us one day getting back together again. but i was wrong. he tells me that he is going to stay with his new girlfriend and his new son. and see what happens. but he promised that he would never lose contact with me and we would always remain friends. Now, he doesn;'t answer his phone and does not even bother to call back. Why did he even bother on seeing me again? why did he have sex with me and tell me he loved me and then leave me broken hearted all over again?

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1 Response Aug 22, 2008

My dear friend was in a similar situation. She told me something she learned (she was in that situation for years) from waiting around on a guy who wouldn't leave his family for her. <br />
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Blood is thicker than water: his children are his blood. If he can stomach his girl, he will stick around for his kids because he loves them and guys are kind of cowards anyway, and don't want to do anything to rock the boat. But when it's as something as serious as the dissolution of a family, can you blame him? <br />
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If he can have you when he wants you, (because he knows you love him) he can partake of you when he wants and he has to give absolutely nothing to you in return. That's the ****** part about love. <br />
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Good luck querida.