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My ex teacher mathematic used to say. this is a stressed classes so lets talk about somethings that everyone does. who have done it before will never stop, whom never did one day will do (sex)
and she used to talk and talk about of the consequence that we can face up if not protected when making sex
My girlfriend currently use ask me for condom i think she doesn't want to have baby for now
So i believed in her and allow she seat in my belly for a bit

So she sat on top of me and then after a few minutes she started doing unprotected sex i asked myself wtf am i doing?
it stayed in for about 2 minuts enough to make me very scared i went to the bathroom to wash myself.
3 hrs later i had a low fever for about 2 hrs then disappeared
one week later i experienced some itchy red bumps on right side of my scrotum. like 30 to 40 days later i started having a mild sore throat other people also complained about having sore throat at that time but i had something different night sweat twice at two different nights, one day i felt fatigue once, also i felt like was losing my appetite on same day.
at this time i had fever in the evining symptoms appeared for a few times
i talked to my girlfriend about this she no reason to be scared. 3 months later i asked her for us to go to a clinic and get tested.
when i went to pick up my result and the doctor said (everything is okay you are negative). This was the biggest suprise in my life
My GF didn't go to pick up her test result yet, she will pick it up soon. the laboratory already sent me the bill then i called them up and they said the bill is for only one person.
My question is: do you think will i test negative again if i get tested at one year later?
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HELL0! hope who saw my story understood it. <br />
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here i am again with some update about my story<br />
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this las saturday june/02/2012 my GF went to pick up her hiv test result, when she was there she called me and then said re-tesing was requested bad (joke)and asked me if i were going to make sex with her without comdon i said yes, but you need to point a gum to my head b4 i start when she met me after seen her test result she came laughing and saying everything was okay. then i asked for the copy she said no copy telling me that they didnt give the copy i called them and asked for the result they said cant tell me her status i thought.. no copy i will consider this result+ i told her how did u do that i paid a lots of money for this and u did noting then she went and brought it to me (result negative- )saying A nonreactive hiv 1/2 antibody result does not exclude hiv infection since the time fr<x>ame for soroconversion is variable.if acute hiv infection is suspected, antibody retesting and nucleic acid amplication (hiv DNA/RNA) bla bla<br />
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we had a prety good day after that and we will continue to have sex protected!!! i paid $400 usd 4 lab and doctor acording that hiv test can be free!, ask google where, it helps u find the right place.<br />
<br />
or do it at home buy the kit (EZ-TRUST HIV Home Test Kit)and then get help from YT on how ro use it. result comes in a minute