Hello everyone!!

It takes me ages to write this first review and specially so much power. Do you know that feeling when you talking with yourself about how nice is to be single but, deeply inside of you,, there is the true side of you which is still secretly waiting for the right person to come along. I am still very young and sometimes silly, but the things I did in the past made me stronger, I have been diagnosed last year and I celebrated my new start recently. It is been one long year full of failing and reaching and I have to say that really slowly I am getting my stage where I know what I am doing and who I would like to be. The love and sharing is something absolutely out of this world because most of my life even I am still very young, people were attracted in kind of beauty and nice young face. I really miss someone who will be able to look even inside of me and get to know me.. But I truly believe that one day I will meet someone who will make me fly and give me that special feeling to feel butterflies in my stomach.. :)
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22-25, M
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Whats your gender and state.
It helps in making the initial ice braking.