I try not to have a pity party at times however sometimes I cannot help it. I have a hiv side effect known as lipodystrophy which makes my stomach stick out in a funny way. Dieting does not get rid of it, a new medicine for it call Egrifta does not work, and if I have liposuction it will come right back. I have not had a relationship in a long ,long, long time
. I believe some it is because of my stomach sticking out in a funny way. I've been criticize, judged, made fun of, and rejected because of it countess of times. Im greatful I have God with me however I get lonely for human companionship off and on. I try to keep my chin up and think positive however I still get sad and depressed at times.
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I think your tummy is cute

Even though you have not seen me .I thank you Mark for the kind words. How are you doing these days

I'm good thank u