It Gets Pretty Lonely When You Can't Leave The House

Hi, I'm the  new kid on the block here and hoping to meet some new friends to hang out with.  I've been homebound for years but I get occasional reprieves.  Then my husband takes me on a scenic ride or a quick trip to Walmarts or a second hand store.  Anybody out there need a buddy? 

FibroFriend FibroFriend
46-50, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I also like to be your friend. Feel free to message me. :)

i am homebound too. i am slowing down due to breast cancer and severe anxiety symptoms. i don't have much energy nor enough money to see a doctor to address my health issues. i reckon, connecting with people like me may help alleviate my loneliness.

hi,i love meeting new people i'll be your friend msg me anytime....