I Am A Homeless Single Mother

I am a homeless single mother in a big city. I've been struggling to get stable housing three years, since I was still pregnant with my daughter. People tell me "go apply for section 8 or public housing". The public housing list has been closed here for years, with no plans to reopen it. I'm just frustrated and tired of being homeless. I'm also a college student now. I struggle to take care of my daughter, comply with the requests of social workers and service providers, and also study and do homework. I dropped a class because I realized there are only 24 hours in a day. I'm still taking 9 units though. We have a roof over our heads for now but it is very temporary. I want better. My daughter wants better. My family don't understand, they can't. It isn't their fault. My fellow students don't understand either. I feel like I have nobody to talk to. I guess thats why I'm posting.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

you arent alone..at least we have a roof over our heads..i was living in my home up until a yr ago i went into a depression after losing my daughter.After that my brother in law gave us a REALLY old and small mobile home.I am thankful we have our own place even though we freeze in the winter and im dreading it. But either way, we can pray for each other. I have no income as of now. So we will make it thru! Keep your head up and know that things will work out for you