Why I Am Homeless

Most people think of homeless people getting into their circumstances through alcohol or drug use, or poor money management, but not all homeless families fit in these categories. My family is one of them, and this is our story.

In January of this year, my husband's brother came to live with us, he is 37 but unable to settle in one place and travels between his family members nonstop, staying with each one for a few weeks to months every year. We are used to this and it has never been a problem before as he works full time and helps out with household duties. This time was no different, except that he had decided that he wanted to travel back to his home state ( where we all are originally from) but could get no one to take him. He talked about us taking him when we got our tax return or when I got my school refund back, but we had plans to put it into savings and look for a new place to move to. The place we lived was nice and peaceful, out in the country, but it was way to small and starting to deteriorate and the landlord refused to fix anything. We had started looking for new rentals but at that time of year it is hard to find anything available. We decided to wait until spring then start looking. My brother in law persisted and started insisting that we needed to sell off our belongings and move back up north and take him with him. We told him no and thought it was settled until one night . We were on our way home from town when we got a call from said brother in law saying we had just been kicked out of our home by the landlord. The story was the our landlord came to our house in a rage and held him at gunpoint insisting that he had legal paperwork signed by the judge ordering us out by the next day. An officer also supposedly came and backed up the landlord's claim.  When we arrived at the house, we could see tire tracks where he had peeled out, but decided not to go to his house and question him since he had been acting very irrational lately. ( He had developed a drug problem over the last year and could get violent at times)
We decided not to provoke him and quietly moved our things to storage and took up residence at a local hotel run by a family friend. Two weeks later we were in a car accident, which totaled our vehicle. I went to the sherriff's office to get the report and also asked for the report on the day the landlord and officer served the eviction papers. To my sickened surprise there was no report of any officer being called to our residence that day, and upon further checking, there were no papers filed for our eviction!
We went back to speak to our landlord and see if we could move back, and were told by his elderly mother that we were not welcome there anymore and that she was going to call the law on us for stealing from her! She claimed that everything in our home belonged to her and that my husband stole it all from her storage!! Needless to say we didn't do this, but since she has had an anuerism and a few minor strokes, her mind wasn't working the way it used to. We decided not to even try to go back there and went to the local housing office and filed an application.  We have been on the list ever since. We became homeless March 5, 2007, we have now spent every dime of our savings, have started selling our personal belongings and have come to the point that we will no longer be able to afford this room after next Thursday. I have had to quit school because of this, losing my scholarships and being suspended from recieving financial aid because I couldn't finish this semester. I have been in college for three years now and have a total of 57 credits and a 4.0, yet because of this my education is lost. My kids have had to be divided up and now three of them are living with relatives, two out of state and one with my mother in law. Two are here with me and my husband, but I don't know for how much longer. We are doing the best we can , he works, and I am trying to save the $$ to get my cna license back again. I let it go to pursue my nursing degree, and well, you know the rest.
All of this because my brother in law lied to us in an attempt to get us to do his will. Our savings is gone, my education is thrown away, my children have to live not knowing where we will be from one day to the next. All because of selfishness.
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I don't understand why you just took your brother-in-law's word for it...he had lied in the past, and landlords cannot evict you on the spot like that. They are required to provide written notice of 30 days (or whatever is in the rent agreement). They can't just put you out on the street like that and you had no paperwork whatsoever. Why would you give up your home without a fight or even any documentation?

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I was made homeless and now sick as a dog..due to domestic violence/abuse.....My worst fear............came true. I'm a senior disabled female with brains but no strength and no money. The End.

I am now in the same situation ...not exacltly the same circumstances .but greedy landlords and all too many bills for a cna to do on their own ...lost my licsense due to a place not reporting my status

hello i think i can relate to this story about being homeless. My situation isnt as extreme but i can relate and it is scary not being able to know whats going to happen to you and the worst part is being hungry. My parents are very religious and controling. Im 25 and they want me to get married right now but the thing is no guy that i knew wanted to get married and even if he did i didnt love them. so here my parents kick me out and im forced into a situation where i have to do what is best for me.All the guys that i knew wanted to have fun but they didnt want to get married so i guess when i was homeless it made me see who was for real and who was just playing games. The reason wasnt because of drugs or alcohol but not being reponsible. I have debt that im paying off and i think well al just leave it there and it will disappear but what ive learned you got no choice but to pay it or it will always be there...and i think i depened to much on other people when in reality the only person you can really depend on is yourself. So, the best advance i can give someone is handle your business pay the debt and take your time when your with a guy/girl cause than you will learn there true intentions. But when i was homeless i got very lucky and i thank god i meet a rich man and he has helped me so much but just the whole experience its a reality check..realistically alot of guys left me because they can find something better. But i stopped caring about that and starting putting myself first. And it also had to do with dating a married guy and now all that ive been throw i wont even talk to a married guy. This guy i was with for 2 years kept saying i wanna live together blah blah bllha lies and for some reason i believe him listen to me never mess with a married guy thats for sure. so heres some advise pay your debt be responsible dont mess with a married woman or man and dont depend on anyone but you. And always put yourself first.

thats horrible, like i stated to someone else faced with homlessness that sometimes things happen beyond our control, that leaves people homless very scary, At eighteen i slipped through the system and found my self homless, i can't imagine how violated you must feel, i don't want to offer fake reassurance because i don't think it would do your situation justice, just try to hang in there till your housing comes through if you can although that sounds rather trite at the moment. I wish you the best though

Wow, I am so very sorry. If I wasn't about to be homeless myself, I would try to help. <br />
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This story is another very good reason that all the money in the US should be distributed evenly. People with millions of dollars should be more willing to help others out. Like Oprah does, she rocks! Bill Gates on the other hand....<br />
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I wish you and your family the best of luck. I hate selfishness and the damage it does. I'm sorry to hear all of that is happening to you.<br />
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The best advice I can give is something I tell myself when I am so close to the edge of giving up on my life, and that is: at least you still have your mind and body. It could always be worse. <br />
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I am reminded of this because last December, one of my friends was messed up on downers. And they were on the roof of their two-story house, messing around. They were going to jump off the roof into the snow that was about 10ft deep. One of them was on the edge of the roof, when he slipped. He landed in the fetal position, headfirst in the snow. The other guy not really thinking clearly or knowing what to do, in a panic, dug his unconscious friend out of the snow. At that time he was moving his arms but not his legs. By the time the ambulance arrived, he could no longer move his arms. He is now a quadriplegic because of a mistake his friend and him made. But at least he is still alive and can hear and see the world. So I guess that was a long way of telling you to keep your chin up. :)

Bill Gates gives a TON of money to charities- and he does so anonymously. Unlike Oprah, he doesn't tell everyone and their mother what an amazing philanthropist he is. He gives for the RIGHT reasons.

Reading your story hurt me, homeless people are often LABELED in the most ugliest ways, and i feel that many homeless people are often homeless due to circumstances like yours. Also, though this has little to do with your particular situation, it is a fact that far too many people, myself included, have little to no savings, live pay check to pay check, and according to statistics, MANY people can find themselves homeless very quickly. Simply losing a job with little savings, leave many of us vulnerable to your expierence. Yours unfortunately was due to the manipulation of a family member which must hurt like hell. I don't have any words of encouragement, none that would suffice, and i cant say i know how you feel, because i don't and i wont be patronizing to say i know how you feel when i have yet to be homeless. Perhaps this is a naive thought, but we often hear of people, due to tragedies, and usually started by a close friend, that open up a bank account where people can donate funds to help people get back on there feet. Has that been something you have even considered? Personally, I know, after reading your story that I would happily donate some money to help. It seems that we often feel that there is little people can do to help others. I think many people from this site might feel the same way i do, or perhaps i am just an optomist. Would it be something you would feel too proud to do? i can understand if it is. But we are all human and all of us struggle in different ways. Asking for help , in my opinion is not a weakness but a strength. Perhaps i'm crazy, it is just a thought. Despite how your life unfolds, thank you for sharing this story, i feel that it was brave of you and as i said it truly saddens me. One person can make a difference, your bold choice to share your story is a start, can you take a leap of faith and see if others might be able to help? Sorry if this in anyway offends you, it is not my intent.