Homeless and Dont No Wat 2 Do

i live with my boyfriend well we are engaged i had an argument last week and left him then i went back the next day. And his mother said i couldnt go back in the house me and my boyfriend have slept on the streets since its really horrible and cold why whats this world actually coming to? i am always down, misrable, and feeling i want 2 die i can never sleep properly is this depression? can any1 tell me please ? 
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yes it is

I beg to differ with the ROSY outlook posts. THIS IS WAR on People. War on the Poor..war on our entire social structure...Actually, what we see is GREED from the top sucking the LIFE out of the middle and bottom...IT MUST BE STOPPED.. There is NO CHANGE AND NO HOPE unless we make our voices heard..GET PISSED. Put your foot down...MARCH PROTEST join with others who have HAD ENOUGH...NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in this country should be FORCED to live out of a private domicile....THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS...NO IT IS NOT NOT NOT GOING TO CHANGE OR GET BETTER until WE FORCE the issue......................THE DOLLAR COULD COLLAPSE...CIVIL RIOTS WILL BREAK OUT...WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS NOW....Stop the polly anna day dreaming and GET OFF YOUR *** TO DO SOMETHING................

Don't give up hope. The one thing that you can count on in life is that everything changes. I know it sounds like just a lot of talk, but believe me it will change. In the meantime you should seek shelter by going to the local phone book and look up the local support group, every city has one. God bless you, I hope change comes soon. Your friend, Ed in VA

Yes, I'd say you are depressed, and your circumstances certainly don't help. I've been in your shoes, matter of fact I am still homeless, along with my family. When your alone at night with just your family, or in your case, your boyfreind, and your out in the streets, it becomes almost surreal. The whole weight of the situation bears down on you and you don't feel like you'll ever see an end to it outside of suicide. It's terrifiying to know that your life can go from abundance to just the few things that you can carry in your car. Eating and sleeping become a luxury and it makes you feel like your less than a person just because you do without. These things alone can bring on depression, but many times they only magnify feelings that you have harbored and ignored for quite some time. There is hope for you my friend, this is not an ending point, just a strengthening of your spirit. I too deal with depression and at times it makes me feel completely paralyzed to the point I can't do anything but sit and watch the world go on. This is something that you can overcome, but you have to make the first step and seek out help. As the author of the first comment said, there are places where you can recieve free psychiatric help. Once you get your mind settled and your outlook on your life clears, you will see that you are able to start over and rebuild your life. From then on you will carry the knowledge of how you got into your current situation and how you got out of it and will know how to avoid it the next time. As far as how to go from being homeless to having a home, there are many places that are there, willing to help, just waiting for you. If you can, get a phone book for your area, and start with calling any and all churches in it. They sometimes run shelters and / or have funds to put you up in a hotel for a time and can help you get food, personal items, clothes, etc.. They also can tell you of other charity organizations that may be able to help you . Also try and apply for public housing. Depending on where you are, they may be able to get you into emergency housing, either through housing developments, or section 8 housing, where you find your own place and they help with the rent. There are so many resources out there to help you and I urge you to reach out to each and every one of them. I don't know what your relationship with your family is, but it may help to go to them and ask for help. If not, don't give up hope, right now that's a major thing to have. I know that in my situation, if it were not for my faith in God, I would have long ago done something very tragic. My faith has given me patience and blessings that most people would never believe. I will pray for you and your fiance and ask the Lord to bring you peace in your spirit and blessings to your lives. I don't normally suggest Christ as an answer to the problems of strangers, but I feel very strongly that I should to you. I've been where you are more than once, back when I was 18 in fact and it was due to poor choices in my life. Since I have found a friend and savior in Jesus he has turned my life around, completely. Even though I am also homeless right now, he has made a way for us and we have not once done without food, shelter or anything we could possibly need. In fact, just this last week we were given a trailer, we just have to find a way to move it, and we'll finally have a home. Not only that, he has enabled me to go back to school next semester, by sending an elderly lady my way who gave me a check for $2000 for my schooling! I'm sure you've heard people preach at you and I don't want to do that, I just want you to know that even in this situation, Jesus does love you, he does see you, he does know where you are, and above all, he knows the pain you carry in your heart over this. He cares and he sees the tears you cry at night when you feel so alone and hopeless. How do I know? He saw me and reached out to me and gave me hope to hold on to . I want you to know that I will be here for you if you should ever want to talk. I hope I haven't made you uncomfortable about this, I really feel the need to reach out to you. I wish you were in my area, I would personally help you find a place and get the help you need. As it is, I will pray for you and be here for you if you need a friend.<br />
Have a blessed day and please, never. never give up!

Sounds like depression to me. I was in your same position a few years back. I slept in the car with my boyfriend. It was winter. My advice to you is to seek help. Depending on where you are there is probably a place where you can get free psychiatric help. That's what I do. Depression is an imbalance of the chemicals in your brain that regulate your mood. There are medicines that will help you get balanced out, then you can think more clearly. Once you get you mind right you can make good decisions on how to improve your life. I have have 14 years of experience in this area, so if you need any more advice drop me an email.