I have only been homless for about 3 days now... But everyday feels like 30 days... I envy the ones who have lived like this for years.. I dont know how they do it.. I hate the feeling of being alone... Not being able to sleep on a bed anymore.. I hate this... I hate having to accept this... Karma... But its how life is... and I have to accept..

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I am homeless now for about a week.
Feels like so much longer. I am a 47 year old women who's never thought i would be homeless and alone like this. every day is such a challenge. i pray for people who provide help for us like Lady's Rest. they feed you and allow you to stay there to eat, relax watch tv etc. staying at a short term shelter sucks. do not know were to go after this. being homeless is like learning to live all over again. no one tells you were to go to find shelter, you must learn on your feet, and fast. I will pray for you and i hope you will do the same for me. I am living in NJ Newark at the moment. were ever you are God bless you and keep you always. You are not alone.

Thank you for your response.. I am doing better these days.. Always a struggle.. But, I seem to get higher up the ladder each year.. As for you, I understand what you're going through, and wish all the best for you.. It's hard.. That is for sure.. But I will say, don't let it beat you down.. I've learned that the streets either make you, or break you.. In my case, It did both.. You can make it, just dont give up.. I assure you, as long as you try.. You'll get out.. Don't be afraid to look for help.. Best wishes...

It really kind of boggles my mind why everyone is so READY TO SETTLE for "How things are"...That is bull crap.. I am Homeless and sick and SENIOR DISABLED--March will make one year of HELL.. I am OUTRAGED by the situation in America today. It is NOT the Gov nor your neighbors fault that calamity hit and put you out of a home; BUT IT IS THE GOVERNMENTS fault that there are so few and such EXPENSIVE rentals for people out on their ***! <br />
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WHY ARE YOU NOT IN THE STREET PROTESTING with other Homeless Advocates and OWS/ Occupiers??????????? <br />
<br />
Talking about the problem is fine..NOW DO SOMETHING!! Don't You see, so many in this homeless forum speak of the "selfishness of others" and how we got into these F'ED predicaments...BUT THEN, find a wee bit of shelter and now YOU BECOME SELFISH and don't bother helping the NEXT GUY????..WTF?? <br />
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NOTHING WILL EVER EVER CHANGE, OTHERS will fall into this HELL, if we as individuals DO NOTHING...say NOTHING. <br />
►SHEEP◄...............that's what this Gov believes You to be. Docile, afraid, voiceless, making YOU feel guilty for being where you are... so they can keep pulling their CRIMINAL economic Puppet strings. WE DO NOTHING..We don't place the blame squarely where it needs to be. and we REMAIN SILENT.<br />
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Hoping most are housed and well at this writing....but still......

I feel for you, But dont come here and judge me, acting like you know what I do.. For one, Protest here in Jacksonville Florida Will get you a quick cop beat down.. Dont come and act like you understand my situation.. I dont feel guilty for being where I am.. But at the same time, Your saying go do something about it and protest.. Protest what? that the government pays me because I ****** UP MY OWN LIFE? I am the reason I am on the street, as likely you are the reason your on the street.. Where I live, Cops treat homeless Like ****, and dont even bother trying a lawsuit or reporting them, they all work as a team here.. As you say, WE do nothing, as in you and your people.. I'm trying to survive.. I dont have time to protest against something that isnt the governments fault.. Its my fault I am on the street, and I dont have time to waste trying to blame someone else.. I have been homeless for 3 years now, I'm 21 now.. I have been on the street my Adult life, and this is year one for you.. Instead of blaming them, go do something productive.. Me, Im doing homeschool work under a wooden walkway to graduate, so People MIGHT take me seriously when I ask for a job.. So, Quit with your self pity.. Be happy, your a seinor, at least you are given money.. Im a dirty 21 year old that struggles to make more than a few bucks a day to buy myself a mcdouble and an Iced tea..

TOO LATE.. I DO JUDGE. If You won't bust a gut doing for others in your same shoes--Part Time..YOU DESERVE NOTHING!! NO SYMPATHY NO HELP..........NOTHING!

BTW: I'm NOT attacking "YOU" per se..I'm trying to MOTIVATE more folks who are in this aweful spot TO WORK FOR CHANGE....I don't like being homeless and sick. YOU ARE YOUNG..YOU CAN WORK.........IF ya can find a job.. If You are not so upset...THEN STOP COMPLAINING

Living a decent life.. and struggling..

How are things going for you now?

nope I was lucky enough to find some people nice enough to help me!

that's no fun, your still homeless?

I lost my home through family issues.. Mainly my brother getting me into such trouble that.. it caused my parents to throw me out.. its a super long story! hahaha

homelessness has got to be hellish, how'd you lose your home?

I'm sorry to hear this. Do you know any older people who are homeless? Can you meet some? The community might be a huge resource to you. Also, we're here for you if you need tips or support. You'll get through this, man, just hang in there. Good luck.

My love you are never alone. We will always be here for you baby, we're a family. :) I love you