Too Fat To Especial School

I've always been too obese to go to a normal school, so I'm going to a special school for obese children, and yet I was always the fattest of my course.
when I was 12 years old and reach 300 pounds, I started to notice that the seats were too small and I felt in my body edges, a month ago I turned 14, I realized I could not be, because I can not go on school, I'm too obese to go, and my weight was 380 a month ago has been climbing out of control, I do nothing but eat and eat all day
alex1998 alex1998
13-15, F
4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Awwww - please add me, hun!!!

add me please!! :)

Glad you're still able to get your schooling! Must be fun to be home schooled? How are you doing with that?

Your story touched my heart. No one your age should feel alone or actually be excluded from school. I do wish I had some wonderful advice to give you, or a way to fix it for you. Hugs