We Are Thinking About Homeschooling Our Daughter And Would Like Your Help

We are considering homeschooling our daughter who is currently two years old. We have been talking to parents whom homeschool, and family and friends regarding the position on the subject and of course everyone has something to say. The people I want to hear from the most though is you. You, the person that has been or currently is homeschooling can tell me what it feels like to grow up this way. If you like it, why? What did your parents do right, and how often did they do it? If you do not like it, why? What went wrong, and how could your experience of been better? I am do not want my daughter to be unsure around new people, how often is it important to play with other like aged people? Is it ok to just to be around other random kids during structured activities, or should I really strive to encourage long term relationships with other kids. Is plain free time the answer? Maybe, homeschooling is not a good idea in your view. Please let me know your experience and how you would have had it better or not at all. Thank You for your time, as your response will make a difference to our daughter.
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Jan 19, 2013