High School

Last year I became ill and had to leave school. I started school Online at BYU. My friends think I'm not as smart as them because I'm not in regular school. I am in my freshman year of high school and plan to stay online for another year. I really rather stay online but with my family it will never happen. : (

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Ohhhhhh nooo what medical may I ask i am In hs I only really see one friend now and they don't think I am as smart as them either, please email me at piemonger66@yahoo.com, I am 13 but that is only one grade younger

I left school and started homeschooling due to medical issues. I don't regret much, but locking myself away from people was the biggest mistake of my life. Over five years later and I'm having to relearn everything I once knew about people and life. It's like taking three steps backwards. <br />
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If you can stay online but still get out with people and your friends on a daily basis, it's not so bad. But please, don't lock yourself in the house. =)

Go have fun with your friends. <br />
Really. You only get to experience this time of your life right now.