Not Really Homeschool But Close Enough (it Rocks)

I'm not homeschooled but I do DECV, which stands for Distance Education Center Victoria.

Its an actual school with heaps of students from grades prep - 12, only difference is we don't go to the school. We have the books and stuff and do it at home and occiasionally have online sessions and we send in our work at the end of each week, best part is we only do one subject a day! =D lol. Plus we have camping trips to get to know our 'class mates' just like normal schools.

It's better than homeschool in a way, cause I started DECV around July 2009 due to bad health and I couldn't go to school and had a choice or homeschool. I'm loving it so far! =)  Homeschool/DECV is way better than actual school, cause in school teachers expect us to understand everything instantly and we end up sitting there for half an hour looking stupid while everyone else does their work. lol


Muuuch better than school =p

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This is awesome! I left public school due to medical problems and a lack of learning. I started taking online courses about three years ago. I'm graduating in a few months! I'm glad you are enjoying it so far! =D I do hope that you still get out with people though! That was my problem.

That sounds awesome!!!!:-) I am homeschooled but my dad teaches me.