I Don't Know Where Home Is

Whenever I am sad or lonely I always say I want to go Home.  But I don't mean the home I have at that  moment.  I don't know where Home is.  All I know is that sometimes I long for it so much it hurts.  I don't know if it is a real place or just a place in my heart I haven't reached yet.

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music to my soul that someone understands this feeling

i feel that like all the time, i think its whats beyond the physical world but i guess we'll find out one day

What a same feeling all we have,same with me,when i am depressing,blue, upset, i says ohh Lord when be i my sweet home, so i felt i miss my home in a remote lwhere i spend early time and still have home,and agriculture form, but when ever i visit to tha place,its 1oo miles away from the city where i reside. i fed fed up with in this home with in no time, because my age people are left that l,settled in other places. old childish,youth memories eats me,<br />
and i am so down,feel all are dead there i have came here to die.<br />
I say ohh this is not my home,so where is that?<br />
Once my uncle was dying(death) He was saying calling to him self, hey man hurry up, home is no more away.<br />
So i got the answer, our soul want to go back to the place from where she came, what ever you say what ever yours faith is, surly we are looking for that peaceful place, there iare no pain, not miseries, a free land, no limit,where ever want can go.<br />
Any way its just a state of mind. As i am very sad all the time, especially when there is night,,<br />
I been sad all over my life, some reason i know some i do not know, First i thought problem of money but no when i have money i am still sad,<br />
I got nice family, but i feel lonely, fact is that, we came here alone, stay alone, go alone no one is with me, even when sleeping with a kind,caring loving wife, i am alone, with in no one is with me,<br />
I am only happy when i read Quran,when i meditate, I feel sin makes our soul sad. any way we are moving slowly to our home, the lovely home some where in universe,we are surly alien here.<br />
a person died and soon again opened eyes, ask where he is,people sad in home, he said no that was the most lovely wonder full place where i was, i like to be there,closed eyes and gone there in a peaceful home.

I know just what you mean, I feel the same

Hey i can understand what your going through because i also feel like you a lot of time, also i like to imagine how would that Home would be if it truly existed and maybe we might find it sometimes, and i never give up on it and i always believe that i will find it sometime.

We all hope we find home, wherever it may be, its a state of mind, a place we go to in our heart, not having that place we can go home to eith a physical place or a mental state of being is scary, like the poster above quoted in the Daughtry song "Well, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong..." this home could change depending where your are in life.

I'm staring out into the night, trying to hide the pain<br />
I'm going to the place where love<br />
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing<br />
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain<br />
<br />
Well, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong...<br />
-Daughtry<br />
<br />
<br />
I hope you all find your home.

Dear swirlingmist, samnorwood and alexsmith 1991:<br />
<br />
ME TOO!!!!!<br />
<br />
We are sisters in this, so to speak. I was so moved, I submitted a story, I dedicate to the 3 of you. Thanks for giving me the courage by letting me know I was not alone!

I feel this way as well. Ever since I was young, when I cry I ask to go home. I have never known anyone else to feel that way and I thought it was just me. But everytime I go somewhere or meet someone I look for that place, that elusive "home".

Well.....you are not nuts and I know that I am not either. I know that I long for this place also when I am down. If you ever want to talk about it let me know. Maybe together we can discover why we feel this and maybe where it is we so long to be.

I only moved once during my teen years and having been back to my original hometown, I know that's not the "home" I'm longing for. I don't know what or where it is. I just know I sometimes want to go "home" so bad it's like a hurt inside. It might be someplace spiritual, but I don't know. Most people I know look at me like I'm nuts if I mention it!

I was searching for a meaning to a phrase which I always find myself saying. While searching I found your statement above which describes my situation exactly! I always find myself saying "I wanna go home". I know that I do not mean that I want to go home to my current home where I reside but I do not know and can not figure out where it is I want to go home to. I don't suppose that you have ever spoken to anyone about this and got an answer as to why we do this? I can't help but to think that there is more to this phrase than what I can determine. Maybe I consider my Mother who passed years ago to be my home.....maybe home is a state-of-mind. I just want an answer. Did you move around a lot as a child? I did.....we moved over 10 times when I was growing up....I don't know if that has something to do with it. It is nice though to see that someone else knows exactly what I am talking about!!

I like the way you think.