Cure For Homesickness...go Home!

I grew up in South Bend, Indiana. Went to school there, all my family is still there. But after college I was tired of the cold winters and the job market isn't very good up there. So I moved to Raleigh, NC after a breakup with the woman I was dating there. (I know, I had been down here for several visits and absolutely loved NC. Fell in love with her Outer Banks and her mountains. Since then I've been here for 10 yrs. I got laid off. I've had to move around for quite a bit. Found a great job that pays well with awesome benefits.

Now I find myself at another transitional point in life. 8 months have gone by since my latest and greatest breakup. My finances have improved dramatically. I just gave my roommate approx. 30 days to move out because his worrisome behavior doesn't help my anxiety. I have a good friend in a "not so good" living arrangement who said she'd like to move in with me. But now is starting to sound wishy, washy. I'm lonely. A lot of my friends say **** that really hurt my feelings. My ex called me 3 times and I didn't pick up and get a ****** email the next day. (She has boundry issues. This is why I don't want to see her.) And my progress on my panic disorder and agoraphobia have been set back so far. I'm down and sad and life just feels heavy.

On top of it all, the only family that has been able to come see me was my lil sis. I love my family, but sheesh! So my cure for this. I'm going home for my birthday. (I know that sounds contradictory, but it's okay.) I'm homesick and I need my mum, dad, sis, grandma...the list goes on. I appreciate home now more than ever. I don't want to move back there. I'm stubborn and love NC. :)

In fact, I will be buying a home in the next year or so! So things are looking up here. I just need to go home and celebrate the people and the place that made me. I was brought into this world on that day in South Bend, Indiana. 10/10/10 this year ^_^ So I'm gonna go home and enjoy some football, drinking, the gay bar, party at dad's, hugs abound, seeing my lush of a sis, go shopping with mom, take grandma to church. I'm gonna have a Polish welcome home and I've never looked forward to it more.
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I'm so glad to hear you've decided to go for a visit, Lotus!! I think it'll do you a world of good! I know how it is to be so far away from your family...I'm kinda in the same situation. Hope you soooo enjoy your "hugs abound"ing!!!!!! Love you, grrl!!<br />
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I think I'm a bit too grown up for Mom's lap. But home is certainly sweet.

Here comes my wish<br />
<br />
Visit home, sweet home<br />
and relax on the lap of your Mom