Why Am I Here

I thought time away from my boring, frustrating, going nowhere life would be good. Not at all. I am six hours away from home. I wanted a timeout especially from my bf to see things from a distance. We are going through a bad patch. But i miss him already and feel like jumping on a plane home. Some family think i should tough it out here. Im feeling so homesick already though. My bf wants me to come home even if i decided to hop on a plane tomorrow he would be happy. What do i do? I need to make a final, concrete decision about where i want my life to go in all areas before i go back.
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26-30, F
1 Response Nov 13, 2010

Do what you think is best. Are you away from home for school or a job? I mean I am 6 hours away also from home and I have a long distance relationship going on too. I know how tough it is, but I would just give it time. I feel like driving home all of the time because I miss him, but then I know it's best for me to stay here to get an education. But I think you basically answered your question for yourself. You need to make a decision about where you want your life to go. So sit down and think about it and only ba<x>se your decision off what you want your future to be like, what goals you hope to achieve, and if being where you are well help you reach your goals.