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I am so homesick, I have come to a point where I just want to be back in louisiana. I loved it there, I spent my whole life there. I dont miss the drugs, the abuse, or the pain, but I miss feeling like I belong. I dont belong in this big city it just isnt me. I like living out where everyone knows everyone. Maybe I just have to adapt to this enviroment.. My life has been full of adaptations, I know I can do it again. I just dont feel right living in a place like this. I just want to know that I belong somewhere, I never believed that I belong in that little town, I also didnt think that I would miss but I do. I guess everyone goes thru a little homesickness when they move. I just walk down the street and see all these faces that I dont know. When I walked around in my old town I knew every face, I was comfrontable with that... I know that I just need to adjust to this place.. I know that there is a lot more opprtunitys here, but is it worth feeling depressed. I dont know if I want to raise my baby here, where I know no one.. Where I used to live I knew who I would want my kid to hang around and who I didnt. I guess I do need to start over and all. I just cant get the feeling of the little town life.. I miss it but I cant look back.
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I am, in a way, experiencing a situation weirdly similar to yours. I just moved from somewhere else TO louisiana and I am homesick here! I also moved from a small town in my home state to a big city here, and am pretty homesick. I hope we both can remember that things will get better and you can't know everyone in a week! I have faith that you can make new friends and carve out a comfortable niche for yourself in your new big city.

I think this is what they call "growth". I've moved several times in my life, from big city to small, back to big, etc. I am in that situation as we speak (I live in the south, but am from a huge city up north). <br />
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I, too, missed the familiarity of my surroundings, and friends. But moving to a new place, and changing your life isn't supposed to be easy. A lot of people do it, and for most of them, it's no different than how you feel.<br />
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Fast-forward two years, and it's amazing how much you will have adjusted to where you are. You'll always be able to visit 'home'. When you do go to visit over the years, I think you'll find that you will find you made the right choice.<br />
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Going back will put you right back into the same old routines, habits, and bad influences. Expect to miss it for some time to come. You'll likely vent a lot about it too. Go for it, it's healthy!