I Thought I'm Used To It, But....

I was away from home since 13, having been in boarding school and university.

Then, five years ago, I moved abroad for work. Dealing with homesickness was, I thought, quite easy and I usually am back to my old self after a few days of leaving home after a vacation. Boy, was I wrong.

It's been almost a week since I took time off to go home and attend a big family reunion. For 10 days, I thought of nothing but enjoying myself, reconnecting with relatives, and taking road trips with them. Then suddenly, it all came to an end.

Now, I'm left with tons of pictures and memories. I have been crying when I woke up the last two mornings because of the ache from loneliness and nostalgia I feel inside. My mind keeps going back to the fun times I had. I couldn't focus at work and barely did anything but read about homesickness.

I have even been thinking of quitting my job and moving back home for good. This sounds so tempting except that I live with the love of my life and I know that if I do anything drastic, our relationship would suffer. He empathizes with me and has been comforting me.

God, I never thought being homesick could be this hard. I guess the reunion reminded me how few my friends are in this country. I'm praying and hoping for things to tide over soon, but until then, I'll try not to cry too much. :( Been burning up the phone calling my siblings and cousins for help. They always made me feel better, but then when we hang up the phone, I get sad again....
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Jan 8, 2013