I Know It Will Pass

I don'y get homesick very often and I know it will pass.I live in Australia but my home will always be Ireland.I have had such a full on week I think I've experienced every emotion this week.

I have been floating on a wee cloud most of the week because my partner and I have decided we're gonae try for a baby,I found out yesterday that my Nan died.

I can't make it home in time for the funeral so being 20,000 miles away from my family at this time is not helping and not being able to say a proper goodbye.I saw her in Oct 08 when I was home for a few weeks and she was a shadow of herself.

I know she's better off now but it doesn'y make it easier.I'm in good hands though I have some really good people around me and of course my amazing wee scot is looking after me.

I know it will pass.

annabellef annabellef
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I am sorry that you can not go and see your nan but cool that you are trying to have a baby.<br />
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I talk to the people in heaven and still talk to them and it comforters me.<br />
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Good luck to you.<br />
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Thanks mo cara.<br />
Life has a funny way of workin out,I can'y make it back for the funeral but I have an appointment with the doctor the day of the funeral to find out about having a wee bairn with Skye.<br />
Ach I think its kinda fitting though, She's gone and we're tryin to bring a new life into the family..It makes more sense in my head.

i feel for you i still remember the day mine went to heaven-hugs!