It's Complicated

When I was little, I didn't know what gay, bisexual, straight, or transgender meant. However, I knew I was different from all the other little girls. I didn't want to be the princess or damsel in distress waiting for a prince to come save me. I wanted to be the prince!

Up until I was around 14, I thought I was bisexual. I knew I was attracted to guys, but I really wanted to date girls. I searched around on the internet one day and found out. I am heterosexual, homoromantic. I am sexually attracted to guys, but girls capture my heart. I like guys and I fantasize, but there's no romantic attraction. When I fantasize about girls, I prefer them fully clothed LOL. I fantasize mainly about cuddling, romantic dates, her smile, etc.

I have been in relationships with a guy. A couple. They were nice, kinda fun....just not very enjoyable.

I had a relationship with a lesbian. It was more satisfying. :). We set a couple things straight, like; I don't need to be sexually touched, because I won't be aroused, but I will touch you if you want me to ;).

Whenever I had pictured myself older and married, that spouse is female. It rarely ever was a male, and when it was, it was when I was a little kid playing around with the idea of marriage.
Suburbandepress Suburbandepress
13-15, F
Jan 23, 2013