When A Green Card Means I Love You

I have always told the truth , never set out to harm anyone deliberately and am loyal to those i love ... Ah love when it is over move on and deal as best you can with whatever is before you . Recently someone i love and trust informed me of the how and why in someones  break up ... Never much cared for the female she does some real bad things but... I have a heart and reached out . The male in this little scenario is playing both ends against the middle ... he is sleeping with her and playing family man , married someone else too. The kids are in the middle of this crazy mess that i can't ignore ! The male from what i have heard is trying to push mama over the edge ... My problem here is violating someones confidence i have been trying to guide her not to be baited into anything which is not easy . People are sick and this whole situation makes me angry ... we have enough going on without this bullshit! I don't know what to do guys 

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

That sounds like fun providing she doesn't bite :)

I am trying to be quiet and let it play out ... the cruelty part is a hard one . I want to live in a cave people make me sick . Thanks Indy and Marji

Don't know the scenario, but one thing is always true. Be patient and love those who need to be loved.