Honesty Is The Best Policy

I have been in a relationship with 2 other men for the last 18 years; we all share a home together. Before this I had a wonderful open and honest relationship with the one partner for 8 years before we both fell in love with the same man, making up our trio. We (that is my primary partner and I) have just found out that we have been lied and deceived to for the last 18 years and by golly it hurts, it hurts because we still love this man. In the past upon confronting or reproaching him over his inconsistencies he would change the goalpost, accuse us of misreading, forgetting or not fully understanding something or other, making out that we were ourselves had instigated, sanctioned or even caused this or that. Even to the point of questioning our selves.

So I say this be honest where at all possible but be aware that others can and will use this honesty against you, you may be honest but don’t always assume that others are. That is our mistake we thought our partner was honest and sincere and that what he said had some sincerity and validity
badbear69 badbear69
51-55, M
Aug 4, 2010