I Have Enough Trouble Sleeping Sometimes

I have a real deep and fully functioning conscience. I have no reason to be less than fully honest with anyone, I don't sleep well at night sometimes and I would hate to ever imagine lying in bed stirring over some lie or deception. No thanks man.

If you want to know if your butt makes your jeans look big, well then you may not want to ask me unless you are really seeking the truthful answer, good or bad be the outcome.
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12 Responses Nov 20, 2010

gulp. i'm sorry, baby. i just thought it was amusing that this story was dug up from the archives. and i was remembering your post about the jeans from waaay long time ago. 'scuse me. {{hug}}

wow...this is serious butt sizing

I can hear the pair of ye yowling at each other....<br />
<br />
comparing Imelda's, Assumptia's, Conceptia's, Immaculatia's, Redemptia's, Dementia's, Placenta's and Impedimentia's .....buttocks.

butt hole surfers

a big butt is another's person's perfect butt ...so what do you measure a butt up against ...what is the truth behind a butt ....when it comes to butt sizing ?

and yes, i am biased. but honest :)

mr. taunami, there is a way of answering almost anything honestly without being brutal. i know this guy well enough to know that his answer wouldn't be 'hell yeah! your *** is looking like a doublewide in those jeans'...<br />
kindness and honesty go hand in hand when we treat others as we would be treated. and tim is one of those who practices just that.

Well, you never answered the question. You claim that you would be honest if someone asked if their jeans make their butt look big. You also claim to have a conscience that keeps you up at night. Your conscience wouldn't bother you if you told someone they had a big butt?

aahhh...the words of a real man. my king...

Don't be so defensive, I just asked a question. I don't know anything about you other than the few words you've written in this story.

Insulting someone's fat behind wouldn't keep you up at night? I tend to find that the people with a conscience are the ones who lie because they are afraid of hurting someone.

I like your straight forward style,well said !