Always Honest

I am honest because I feel it is so important. If we are not honest and real with people then what are we doing? I feel like none of my realtionships, marriage, children, family, friends ect. can go fowards unless I am real. I can spot a liar a mile away. I can not stand to be lied to!!! Obviously I have issues, right?

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To tell you the truth, I think you're pretty normal. I feel the exact same way when it comes to my personal relationships. It's awesome to know some thinks similar to myself. :)

Well, if you have issues, i guess i do too. I agree. Honesty is the best policy. I have a few friends that I can trust to always tell me the truth. When I ask them about a situation they will tell me if I was in the wrong. If I ask them about a dress, or a jacket, or whatever - they will tell me if it looks good, or if I should keep looking. Man, that is amazing to have. I hate "yes" men. <br />
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Of course, we all screw up. I have told lies in my life. I have tried to go back and fix them later, but none of us are perfect. Right now I am battling the truth coming out about certain aspects of my life for fear of hurting feelings - contradiction right? So I understand that battle as well.<br />
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Anyhow - keep expecting the truth -

I don't know about issues. I think its terrible when people lie.

No honesty=no true friendship

ummm i dont think u have any issues at all. It's actually the oposite way around i think that ur one of the few ppl i knw tht thinks honesty is the best solution and thats really gd. Honesty IS one of the most important things in life, without it there;s no real personality or life. U stated out things tht were in my mind and i hope u keep up with ur solution :).

I also think being honest is really important, basic for living in peace.<br />
When someone lies to me, I still feel disappointed and sad, but I know the goal is to understand that the liar is harming himself, and not assume it as a harm for me. Just be balanced and peaceful.<br />
Most people accept and practice lying in daily life, that´s why their lifes are miserable and society is rotten. So I have to be fully aware of my thoughts and actions to be certain not to lie.