Does Anyone Could Lend Me A Hand?

Hi there, im Ivan, 20. Im an university student from China, studying at Taylor's University Malaysia, and my major is Accounting and Finance, and our university has been partnership with UWE(university of west london), means I could study at Taylor's for one year, and another two years could transfer to UWE, but my family was getting in trouble so far, can not offord my tuition fees and the other fees at all. So I am looking for someone could help me to complete my studying, I could work for her/him for two years at least and for free. Im interested in DJ, dreaming to be a student of that DJ master from REX CLUB PARIS. JUST EMAIL TO if u interested. IM SERIOUSLY, THANKS A LOT......
Fiouna1314 Fiouna1314
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012