I'm Honest, And Honesty Sucks.

Yesterday was a uneasy day. I am a student, and I have almost done, I have always passed all my exames because I studied and I did it seriously. There is a guy, who I hate, that I always saw cheating in all tests, annoying, also for teachers, who couldn't stand him. Well, yesterday he told me he graduated, I don't know how, but this made me so mad.
CrookedMat CrookedMat
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

University is not the best assessor of someone's good and bad traits, but in daily life people with good traits will go far while people with bad traits will fail one day. Don't worry, God sees everything and consequences might come long after the action.

I would have ratted them out. But that's me

Your story made me recall my college days in Human Anatomy, there were about 6-8 pre-med students in the class of over 60 students. These Pre-Med students openly cheated and the professor ignored their cheating. It still makes my blood boil thinking that they got great grades and probably became physicans, while the rest of us bust our *** just to get a B. This issue helped me make a change in my major from Bio-Chem to business. Life is often not fair, because of the special treatment the "elite" get.
I wish you well.