honest Enough I Spose ...

honest enough i spose ...

honest enough to tell you that i don't always tell the truth ... i mean ... it's the truth but perhaps my perception of it, a varying degree of it, or whatever ... but i don't do this out of spite.  usually i'm trying not to hurt someone's feelings when i am 'creative.' 

i used to be too honest for my own good and got into a lot of trouble that way, lost a few friends along the way, made work environments hostile, and so on ... now i have what i like to call 'polish' or 'tact' and while many might find it dishonest, i do tell the truth just not as brazenly as i once did.


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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

Boy do people hate to hear the truth. It does always seem to reduce the number of 'friendships' and create hostile environments....scary isn't it! People prefer fantasy over real life and facts.