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I'm dating a wrestler. (There is at least one person on here, and maybe two, who will not be surprised at that at all lol). Strong, confident guys are a major weakness of mine and I admit I have fallen head over heels this semester for a guy on the wrestling team.

Its weird, but dating him has really opened my eyes in so many ways. I have always been drawn to fights between guys... something about the raw aggression, the struggle, and of course the eventual conquest. And the same is true in wrestling (even though there are rules and after it is over the opponents at least pretend to respect one another lol). But now I also see the little things that go into it. The anticipation leading up to it (a bit nervous and on edge if the opponent is good, or else eager to "seek and destroy" if the opponent is not so good). The "psyche out" and mind games at the beginning of the match... trying to get into the other guy's head before the fight even starts. And then of course, the subtle things in the contest that eventually eliminate the weaker opponent's options one by one, until nothing is left and he is helpless.

My boyfriend's favorite move is something called the spladle, and I have to admit it is a thing of beauty lol. Most guys never see it coming until it is too late. In an instant my boyfriend has them on their back, legs splayed out helplessly, and head thrust forward very painfully into their chest. There is absolutely nothing the poor guy in that position can do, and my boyfriend can basically choose whether to pin the guy's shoulders or else make him submit from the pain. It is always such a rush being with my boyfriend afterwards.

I have also seen my boyfriend lose, although thankfully those are few and far between and the ones I have seen he lost on points and did not get pinned or anything. I hope he never gets pinned or submitted... that must be so demoralizing for a guy.
amyjones99 amyjones99 13-15, F Nov 9, 2013

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