To a Fault

You could call it candid, blunt, or just honest. I tend to say it like it is. Some people are taken aback by it, but I've decided it's not worth wasting the time tip-toeing around people to make sure they stay happy. And, as I've found, being honest to a fault without judgement or malice can result in a great deal of respect from those you share your honesty with. It can also alienate people ;) My favorite friends in life were a lot like the people on these boards tend to be in their anonymity: Candid beyond all proprieties. Of course we have the luxury of anonymity here, but I think a bit of global honesty can do the world some good.
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

i am exactly the same way - its true that it can bring people so much closer and build so much tighter friendships, but it also tends to alienate "the weak" which sucks a bit, but its better in the long run, i've found