Some time ago on this site, I ran across a rather uppity post where the poster proceeded to post about how EVERYONE on this site has been dishonest at some point in their lives even in their online ids on this site. I was so upset that I commented and let that person know my feelings on that post.

Everything I write and share that is original is real in my life. I share things others have posted too but if I do, I let it be known either who the author is or that I don't know who the author is. There are some groups I am in like the one where I like to read funny stories and I love reading and knowing things that are mostly from others that I just share in the groups.

My online ids are never my real names but they are phrases that are really me. I change my ids from time to time but they all have been and will continue to be true phrases of me. This present one calls me a blossoming beauty because that is what I am in life and because of how I was born, the capabilities I have, and especially because there's only one me, I included the unique factor. I put an I in place of a Y at the end of beauty. I figure as long as I am alive, I can learn hence blossoming like a process of development. I figure I am beautiful to someone hence beauty.

I know that some online are fake and they have their reasons for it and some are real but get accused of being fake. But I am real. What you read is what you get.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Everything I write is also real, but obviously my identity is secret. With today's obsessions online and people sharing information, what person in the right mind would put their correct name and address? We are doing the right thing. We are all Helping each other here! 😘