To Honest

I am a very honest person, The problem with that is I expect everyone to be honest with me also. I know that that is not the way it works, But I like to think that people want to be honest with you but they are worried about what others will think.

People are people regardless and I try to see the good in everyone. I think that is why I like EP so much people can talk and open up to eachother without worring about judgement.

Sometimes I am a bit to honest I say things then after I say them I think to myself that "you know you probably shouldn't have said that". Because sometimes people don't know how to take what I am saying either jokingly or other wise.

None the less I am very honest and when asked I always tell the truth.

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Sometimes, when people say,' Be honest with me,' you know that it isn't what they REALLY want.<br />
Especially when they already, within themselves, know that the absolute truth is going to hurt.