Honesty Is the Best Policy

everybody whose ever talked behind someone's back and not took whatever problem up with them is dishonest, and also knew that the cashier was giving you too much change and keeping it  anyways is dishonest as well. I just like to be straight up and up front rather then making up a big story like i'm rich with a boat and a mansion it's too much of a hastle going through all that. and by the way l don't know why i bother writing posts and commenting on other peoples stories when i don't get any response back i thought this was a site for support and to make friends, not to keep reading my stories and rarely getting any feedback. Sorry to be so bitter, but i need to know someones out their who shares my pain

awakened awakened
31-35, M
3 Responses Oct 14, 2007

u lol tis is a coppied story for your kind information

ohhhhh lol i did misinterperated that sorry hip dude and thanx for pointing that out wordgirl. I think this whole life is a test of wills. Stuff like should i cheat on my spouse cuz she's depriving me, or should I party all the time and neglect my responsibilities. The one that gets me and has gotten me is driving without a licence, and expired sticker or racking up fines for no insurance and speeding all the rules of the road. And the number one thing is driving drunk those are all tests to me about honesty

why when it's a test of your honesty and they fail the test y do u feel happy about that??